About Me

headshotI’ve been teaching theater for more than 25 years, first at Illinois State University and since 1998 at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. I have taught theatre history, play analysis, directing, and acting. What has frustrated me from the beginning is the narrowness of the prescribed path for theater artists that almost demands that students migrate to a major city (usually New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago¬†— NYLACHI, as I came to call it ) and “pound the pavement” looking for whatever gigs they can find. Most don’t find much; some aren’t interested in that path in the first place.

For the past decade, I have committed myself to pulling together the tools for artists to take charge of their own career doing the work they choose in the place they want to do it. For a while, my focus was on small and rural communities — I figured if I could figure out a model that would work there, it would apply most other places as well. This has led me to do research into business models, marketing, passive income, personal finance, and a great number of other topics, all of which has provided tools for artists with an independent streak. My hope is that I can provide useful and actionable information that will empower artists to create the life they desire.