Blue Collar Artists

A lot of people want to be actors or directors or designers. They imagine themselves taking bows to standing ovations, signing autographs, thanking people when they accept their awards, cashing big checks, and living in a stylish house or apartment with people calling them up to offer them new gigs. It is important to them that they be seen by the “right” people, written about in the “right” newspapers or magazines, and be living in the “right” place.

But when they are imagining, they rarely imagine actually doing the work. All their inner scenarios start when the work is already done and all they’re doing is collecting the rewards.

These are not the people for whom Creative Insubordination is written.

If, for you, theatre and the arts is a means to an end, you might want to click over to Show Business Weekly or Variety because I am not interested in you and you won’t be interested in me. Come back when you are serious about being an artist rather than a celebrity.

I am writing for the doers, not the be-ers. Blue collar artists setting off wearing their creative hardhats. If you care about the work itself — about the joy you feel when you are rehearsing or writing or designing light cues; if you don’t care where you are working as long as you get a chance to be doing the work; if you are thrilled by the opportunity to give a performance to an audience, any audience — you I care about.

You I want to help find more time and resources to support your doing.

I’m not trying to crap on anybody’s dream — if your dream is to be on the cover of People Magazine, God love ya, you just go ahead and chase that. Chase it right off this website.

But I think the future of the theatre rests with people for whom the theatre is an end in itself, and that’s who I want following this blog. I’m very particular. For you, I will put all of my energy into providing a pathway to do the work. I promise that.

If that ain’t you — so long!

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